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y’all Wal-Mart is breaking the gender roles at long last!!!!!!

apparently he’s transgender…………. i’m listening to this podcast he’s on…. about being transgender and playing sports.. and its so sexist. honestly not surprised knowing trans ideology and their huge distinction between being a boy and being a girl. and of course to them there is  SUCH a difference between girls playing sports and boys playing sports… SIGH Im disgusted im still listening to it he sounds so…. trans ideological. so gender based. so gender focused…..

control + f : micah and listen to the podcast, he starts like… after 8 minutes

Anônimo: Hi Auntie Hardscum! This is the helluva internet detective from before. I gave Outright Vermont a call this morning and talked to Howie Le. He informed me that actions have been taken against Elissa. :)







Anon, you have most literally turned my morning around with this message. 

I may make a phone call later today once I’m more lucid to inquire about Micah Barritt as well, as I’d like to see disciplinary action taken against them for enabling inappropriate (to say the absolute very least) behavior. I don’t care if it’s extra training in what constitutes predation and pedophilia, I don’t care if it’s unpaid leave, I just don’t want this person handing out information to enable stark power inequalities and predatory behavior towards minors with such blissful abandon, especially as they’re in a mandatory reporter position.

Thank you for all of your hard work, anon. You really have gone above and beyond here.

Micah Barritt

I can’t help but wonder if posing this issue to the board of directors wouldn’t yield better results. I get the distinct impression that Barritt will do mental gymnastics to justify this breach of ethics.

Auntie Hardscum,

If I may offer an alternative, I would recommend passing this evidence on to the Vermont State Police.

Elissa has established a pattern of predation on minors, including two seventeen-year olds that have received material gifts and verbal complements it stands to reason that unless addressed, the pattern will undoubtedly escalate, given tgw’s lack of remorse of understanding of the severity of the crime.

My net is spotty and I’d like this done ASAP (as we all do, I’m sure), so I trust you to get this handled!

Good luck, Auntie, and bless.

I know more than one report has been made to the county police TGW is located in, but escalating to the state police is a VERY good idea. I did not know there were others but I am not surprised.

Should anybody find the contact info for a more general Vermont tip-line about sexual predators (as I think most states have a dedicated line to such purposes?) please feel free to drop it in my inbox here or at ataulfomangos AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks, AIA!

Any time, Auntie!

The VSP tip line is vsp. /tipsubmit

I would recommend that someone be determined as Point of Contact; I think it’s best that we keep this as small as possible in order to seem credible; if they think this is an internet witch hunt they won’t take it as seriously.

I would do it but I’ll be unreliable while on the road, which does significantly hamper my efficacy as point on this.

In any case, can you please keep me updated as to any developments? I’ll help as best I can from the road!

oh my god….., i was honestly looking around the internet for this guy Micah Barritt because he was a coach at my elementary school in 5th grade and i called him racist once and it was so so funny omfg but i was serious tho but anyways i wanted to see like.. what hes doing now (kinda stalky idc) and wtf????????? literally wtf!!!!!!!!1!