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Bill Gates Leaps Over Chair


faunyr: I am literally saying to you that if a trans* person identifies as female, and you go and say they are not a girl/woman/female/whatever fuckin word you wanna use, and then still call yourself a feminist then you're a terrible person and you should feel ashamed of yourself.








But….why? because it invalidates their delusion? Because it…..separates women from males who choose to identify as women? Why? What makes me a terrible person? Let’s break this down, explain this to me.

Actually, the way you wrote this gave me a thought.
"Because it…..separates women from males who choose to identify as women?"
Like okay so obviously for there to be any useful dialogue around trans issues this distinction needs to be made.
But instead of letting us continue calling ourselves women and working from that foundation, they lay claim to that identity entirely and then recreate the required separation through the term ‘cis’.
I just.. feel like our entire identity is being colonised, so much so that we can’t even use the term ‘woman’ to refer to ourselves in a combined biological and social context without getting death threats or hate or having people refuse to speak to us at all.
And any time we try to protest, the response is “but you’re supposed to be feminists, why are you clinging to the category of your oppression anyway?” and it’s like… because our oppression doesn’t magically go away if we refuse to ‘identify’ with it? So it’d be great if we could actually talk about it, instead of prioritising the needs of a community of born males who get distressed when we use language that excludes them because it refers specifically to our own born and lived condition?

Like when I first got interested in feminism I was so swayed by all the trans and gender politics I found on Tumblr and I was speaking to people like ‘yes I acknowledge I’m cis, I’m privileged, I’m so sorry, it doesn’t matter about my oppression or experiences because obviously it’s so much worse for you”.
And it took me so much effort to overcome that because it’s exactly the response to males’ needs I’ve been socialised to have my entire life - to apologise, to bend over backwards to prioritise others, to ignore my own needs because I’m less relevant.
And I see this happening over and over - young girls interested in feminism who stumble across this community of aggressive, entitled and male-socialised transpeople who manage to recruit their support because they’re simultaneously telling these girls they’re scum, less valuable, and should be silent while trans’women’ speak and that the trans community needs their help.
The gendered dynamics of that interaction are so striking it’s painful.

Not to mention that when we live within a category all our lives and face and overcome trauma within that sphere, we tend to develop some attachment to it? Like there’s nothing wrong with us being women.
What there’s a lot wrong with is any kind of gendered expectation being attached to that term.
So women aren’t allowed to say “I’m a woman because I was born with female anatomy” but men are allowed to say “I’m a woman because my brain is feminine and I like make-up and being pretty and submissive”.

It just blows my mind.

this commentary is important

But instead of letting us continue calling ourselves women and working from that foundation, they lay claim to that identity entirely and then recreate the required separation through the term ‘cis’.

Spot on!

It’s actually really interesting to note that so many tactics used by the fundamentalist fringe of tumblr match with tactics used by domestic abusers.

After all, the first thing an abuser will do is attempt to destroy their victim’s sense of self-worth. They might try “negging” (“cis scum”, “cis girls are pathetic”), they might try preying on socialized empathy (a tactic used by Ted Bundy, relying on females’ socialized tendency to help individuals in need), or they might dangle the threat of violence over their head (“you don’t want to see me angry”, and indeed, isn’t that what our anons say? That they’re /frightened/ to speak up because they don’t want the crosshairs to turn on them).

Then, once the victim has no concept of self-worth, the abuser begins making their demands. They say, “do this like that”, they control how their victims speak and who they can speak to. They use name-calling and threats of violence and death to stifle any potential rebellion.
Because abusers are intelligent, they understand how to manipulate. They will use pity tactics (“I’m so messed up”) to keep a victim feeling useful on the abuser’s term—compliance is mandatory whether through fear or a genuine desire to help on the part of the victim.

Ultimately, the situation becomes untenable, which is when we get abuse, and the blame:

"Look what you made me do."

I’ve personally witnessed the lunatic fringe here on tumblr use those same techniques, and it is with a heavy and thoroughly disappointed heart that I can say:

The fundamentalist fringe of trans activism acts like an abusive partner, and that’s really disturbing.

they behave like abusive men as they are abusive men and they are using trans status as a shield and manipulating everyone into putting up with their bullshit because they claim they are part of the LGBT but they are just abusive men who enjoy cross dressing. it’s so manipulative

Can we just have a round of applause for veganflowers because she is phenomenal and just explained tumblr’s radikewlgenderspecial’s hickjacking of feminism and trans politics 

"You’re so pretty.
You’re adorable.
You’re beautiful.
You’re my beautiful little girl.
Sweet little lady.
Careful! Don’t get hurt!
Play nicely.
Don’t get dirty.
Stop that.
Be more ladylike.
Don’t eat too much.
Girls are duuumb!
Girls have cooties.
No girls allowed.
Hahahahaha! You have boobs!
Look at her boobs!
Ewwwww. Periods are disgusting.
You’re disgusting.
That’s gross.
Hahahahaha! You’ve got your period.
Let me touch them!
I want to touch them!
You’re gross.
Let me touch it.
I only want to touch it.
She’s a slut.
You slut.
Show me your tits.
Get ‘em out!
You want it.
Take it.
Have it.
Swallow it.
Stupid bitch.
Fat bitch.
You’re not quite right for this.
I’m not sure you can do it.
I just want to fuck you.
Come on, you want it.
You’re not confident enough.
You need more experience.
No one will take you seriously.
You’re too emotional.
It’s just a joke.
Lighten up.
I don’t care what you think.
I just want to fuck you.
Don’t wear that.
You’re getting fat.
You’re too messy.
Come on, it was a joke.
Don’t be such an idiot.
Why are you so tired?
If I’m honest, I’m not really interested.
You do it.
I’m busy.
I can’t I’m working.
You wake up with it.
You take care of it.
You’re messy.
I’m too busy, you do it.
You need to lose weight.
You don’t spend enough time with me.
You aren’t interesting.
You’re boring.
Really, I’m not interested in that.
You’re looking a bit tired.
You should take care of yourself more.
You should take care of me.
You’re looking a bit old.
You’re old.
Female Socialisation by Gia Milinovich (via plansfornigel)